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5 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Content Writer

So you learned that having a up-to-date blog can boost your website's SEO and help your visibility. You want to bring in somebody who can write and manage your blog on your behalf. You inform your close associates and your followers on Social Media that you are looking for a content writer. And now, your desk and laptop is loaded with applications and portfolio submissions from different writers. What do you do? How do you evaluate these applicants and choose the best writer for you and your business?

Parameters To Consider Before Hiring A Content Writer

Before you dive into the process of evaluation, here is a list of what you should consider before hiring a writer for your business.

1. Your Requirements and Budget

Based on the size of your business, you may have different needs with respect to your blog. This can include the number of blog posts to be published in a month, the amount of research required per blog, your allocated monthly budget and so on. It is advisable to have your requirements clearly stated before you approach a writer.

2. The Writer's Expertise

B2B or B2C, your industry may fall under a particular sector of industries. Having a writer who has prior experience in writing for a similar niche can really help your brand. Have a complete look at the portfolios you receive and check for their previous work. If none of the applicants have expertise in your niche, don't worry. An experienced writer who has worked across brands and industries can still help you get the traffic you need.

3. The Writing Style of the Applicant

Some are storytellers, others are persuasive. Every writer has a style that makes them unique. Your brand may have a persona of its own and connects with the audience a certain way. Therefore, read some of the articles written by your prospects first and see which communication tone best represents your business.

4. Their Pricing Model

There are a few pricing models that writers offer while working with a company long-term. They are :

  • Fixed Rates Model - Where the writer quotes a fixed monthly retained price based on the number of blogs to be written per month.

  • Hourly Rates Model - Where the writer quotes their hourly charges, inclusive of the research time involved with the blog posts. This is best suited for specialized niches, mostly in the STEM fields that require a lot of study.

However, one of the most common models followed by writers is the price-per-word model, where they charge based on the number of words written. This is an ideal model that benefits both parties, as the writers are paid with respect to the length of the article. Depending upon the field that you are in, your requirements and budget, see which package works best for you.

5. The Writer Themselves

Apart from your professional needs, you need a writer who is easy to work with. They should show empathy and take efforts to really understand what your business is all about. Not everything is about the work and money. You need a writer who is not disturbing your mental peace.

Use the other parameters to shortlist your potential candidates. Once you narrow down your list, get on a call or invite them over to meet them. It is important to know the person who will be representing your brand on your behalf. Because, you don't want the brand's voice to miscommunicate your persona. Get to know them and understand who they are. Analyze their characteristics and see if you get along.

Hope these points help you choose the content writer of your choice. If you are currently looking for a writer, get in touch with me and I would be happy to assist you. If you find that I don't meet your criteria, I would love to share other profiles of the writers that I know.

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