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My Previous Projects

This list covers some of my best work across the different roles and services I have offered so far. Do note that I may have experience working with businesses in your Industry, as this list does not cover all of the projects that I've worked on.



Influencer Marketing

  • Helped the Brand promote their 'Christmas to New Year' Sale as a Social Media Influencer, through continuous posts and updates.

  • Obtained great traction in three days on the various Social Media platforms, with over 100+ likes per post on Instagram. 

Digital Scholar

Content Writing


Chokhi Bandhani

Content Marketing

  • Performed a SEO audit and Keyword Research for their 'Dye and Tie' saree brand, to perform optimized social media ad campaigns.

  • Conducted a Market Research for the company to identity and segment their target audience.

Dayaline Sivakumar

Social Media Marketing

  • Planned and executed a low-budget and effective social media ad campaign for her 'Online Art Classes'.

  • Designed ad copies for her Facebook lead generation advertisement.


Sorav Jain

Content Writing

My Craft School


  • Wrote the 'About Us' page for their website, that was elaborate and persuading. 

  • Designed two landing pages with lead hooks to target different audience groups separately.


Rishi Jain

Affiliate Blog

Wrote an affiliate and extensive review on the famous LMS software 'New Zenler', that covered all the features of the tool in detail.

Dextroware Devices

Content Marketing

  • Currently managing the entire blog of their website and their email marketing - newsletter content. 

  • Assisted the in-house team with their content game for their offline marketing.

  • Ranking on the first page of Google, due to the elaborate SEO efforts.

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